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Good News: Academician Liu Renhuai of Hangzhou Dianzi University and WELLSUN Company established academician workstation



  In July 3rd, academician Liu Renhuai of Hangzhou Dianzi University signed a work station agreement with the Zhejiang Wellsun intelligent Technologiey Co., Ltd, under the lead line of Zhu Zefei, the president of the Tiantai county and the president of Hangzhou Dianzi University.




  Accompanied by Wu Yongqiang, the chairman of the company and Chen Dongbin, the vice president of the company, academician Liu Renhuai, President Zhu Zefei and the leader of the county visited the production and operation of Wellsun company and the development of technology.



  Academician Liu Renhuai and company chairman Wu Yongqiang cordial communication, and put forward valuable opinions.



  Subsequently, academician Liu Renhuai held a signing ceremony with Wellsun company.


  The meeting was presided over by Chen Jian, member of the Standing Committee of Tiantai County Committee and organization.



  Minister Chen Jian introduced the basic situation of the rooftop, talent introduction and technological innovation. He expressed gratitude to Academician Liu Renhuai and President Zhu Zefei for supporting the talent work and technological innovation of Tiantai, and said that they would do their best to serve the service.


  Wu Yongqiang, chairman of Wellsun company, reported the company's situation.



  Speech by Zhu Zefei, President of Hangzhou Dianzi University



  President Zhu Zefei proposed that Tiantai has a unique ecological environment, and the development of enterprises also conforms to the concept of green development. Now it is the golden period of the development of Tiantai. To grasp this opportunity, we should grasp two aspects of talent and science and technology. At the same time, the Hangzhou Dianzi University will strongly support the talent and technology workers of Tiantai.


  Speech by the academician Liu Renhuai



  Academician Liu Renhuai is very positive about the economic development, talent work and ecological living environment of our county, and analyzes the current situation of the instrument market at home and abroad on the main business of Wansheng Company. Academician Liu said that enterprises must have good strategic planning in order to develop and grow, and we must increase the intensity of scientific and technological innovation and achieve diversified development. It is necessary to deepen cooperation and jointly build the academician workstation.


    Hold the signing ceremony of the academician workstation



  Under the witness of Zhu Zefei, president of Hangzhou Dianzi University, Chen Jian, Minister of the Organization Department of the County Party Committee, and the leaders of the County Science and Technology Bureau and the County Science and Technology Bureau, the signing ceremony was successfully held.

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