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  Zhejiang Wellsun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is a national high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of intelligent meters, electricity information collection system and other products. It is committed to providing specialized measurement products for domestic and foreign customers in the power industry, and is one of the leading enterprises in the field, and actively carries out research and development and application of intelligent water meters and multi-meter products.

  At present, the company's products are mainly intelligent meters including single-phase smart meters and three-phase smart meters, as well as power information collection system products including concentrators, collectors, transformer acquisition terminals, etc., which are widely used in the intelligent power sector of smart grid construction.

  The company is identified as the research institute of WELLSUN intelligent power meter in Zhejiang province, provincial level new high-tech enterprise R&D center and Zhejiang province technical centre. There are 183 R&D, testing and technical support technicians, including various kinds of talents in computer technology, communication technology, electronic technique, measurement technique, and it is equipped with a complete set of advanced testing equipment. The company pays attention to science and technology input, emphasizes technological innovation and talent introduction, and concerns the cultivation of scientific and technical personnel, and it is stipulated to input the R&D fund not less than 3% sales volume yearly to provide powerful funding support for products' sustainable development and continuous improvement. The company has 18 patents (4 patents for invention and 14 utility models), 52 software copyrights and multiple scientific and technological achievements. Adhering to the people-oriented management philosophy, the company recruits more talents and successively establishes "industry-university-research cooperation" cooperation establishment base and strategic cooperation relation with Zhejiang University, Xidian University, East China Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Hefei University of Technology and other 8 universities and scientific research institutes. In line with the purpose of "high technology, high starting point, concentration and refinement", positively track the latest news of domestic and abroad power measurement field, it is devoted to the research, production and sales of electric energy measuring instrument and power automation system, at present, the company has become one of the domestic manufacturers with technical strength in the fields of system design and product internationalization.

  Company products are marketed into 26 province and city-level autonomous regions throughout the country, and it is the major supplier of the intelligent ammeter in the State Grid Corporation of China. The company has established 21 branches throughout the country and developed a powerful technical services team composed of professionals after through specialized technical training and field accident treatment practical experience, adhering to the Wansheng spirit of "customer satisfaction", we set up good corporate reputation. As one of the well-known enterprises in the domestic electric instrument industry, Zhejiang Wansheng always concerns the development of overseas market on the basis of domestic market development. With the establishment of development strategy of Wansheng overseas market, the company increases the development input of overseas market by years. At present, Wansheng has had certain market shares in the South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and other market area. It has become the main supplier of ZTE overseas electric energy meter.


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